Tuesday, July 19, 2011

More mustard?

A few random thoughts and stray observations [with respect to Busybee].

People in France eat atleast 2 meals a day. Complete with meats every meal, cheese, refined flour, sugar, butter, wine, smoking etc etc. All unhealthy. I thought that when we come here we would see lots of people dramatically  clutching  their hearts in the middle of the street and collapsing in a heap a la Amitabh Bacchan in Dewaar dead/dying of a heart attack. At that point some damsel would rush crying and in general behaving demented tear her hair and despair at all this. However, this has not happened. People are happy, eat what they want, drink what they want and generally go about their business without a care in the world.

I had the same impression before we went to China. We thought, as Jeffey Steingarten had very astutely  pointed out, that everybody would have a headache from the Aji No Moto which we have been taught is poison. But nobody had a headache in China.

There is no organic food available in the fresh food markets where we spent loads of time this morning. All children appeared to me to be thoroughly normal. Maybe all children who are deformed or retarded with the non organic food are left at home.

Everything appeared to be less hysterical and less hyped and more real here. If one is in Englad one would think that eating non organic food is akin to smoking Crack Cocaine.

Vive le France!!!!!

We walked about the town this morning. Went to the Halles which was lovely. Great, great produce. Then we had lunch at a nearby restaurant. Our hotel had no inclusive breakfast so we had to eat something. Previously in Lyon for breakfast we has fresh Comte, loads of Croissants coffee etc. Here nothing. So we had a Prix Fixe lunch. After years I ate 2 plates of meat in a day. I am sick!!! I cannot eat that much. Anyway, not again [please note, not again, not, never again] Lunch though was really good fun.

We walked and walked and walked. Great fun You just dont get tired. The weather is superb and cold and refreshing. Temperature hovering between -3 and -5 and occasional snowfalls. Lovely. In the evening we went down to the Central plaza where there were many stalls. Quite nice.

Dinner was at a Bistro. 

God, these guys are nuts. They make everything with a red wine sauce. We have had Eggs, Chicken, Deer, Beef, wild boar. But I confess that its delicious but a bit much. GIMMIE BECHAMEL!!!!!! How about a lovely Eggs Benedict? The food is so so different from Dijon and Lyon. Amazing.

Attached is photographs of our day and our lunch restaurant.

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