Friday, September 2, 2011

Fish and Chips

The last few days in London have been cool and cloudy. Today was bright sunshine and a consequent increase of temperature to an uncomfortable 26 C. It’s not much fun being in the sun, i.e. walking around in that much heat. The sun is a lot brighter and really hurts your eyes. If this continues I will need to pull out my hat!

What could be more British than fish and chips for dinner? The classic fish and chips dinner is completed with a couple of slices of sliced bread and a mug of tea. However that is a bit much for us. A classic chippy is painted yellow. In Marylebone, is a very old chippy called Golden Hind which has been a chippy from the early 20th Century. It was owned by a succession of Italians until it was taken over by a Cypriot in 2002. Over the last few years Golden Hind has been getting more and more favourable reviews. The number of people going to eat has been steadily increasing. Last year the chippy doubled in size with the owner buying the next door premises. He has been a friend of ours since we first ate here in 2006 and we make it a point to eat here every time we are in London. A couple of weeks ago, the Golden Hind was voted by the Times newspaper as one of the 30 best chippys in Britain and one of only two from London. Business has since skyrocketed and this fact has been put onto some Japanese travel guide resulting in a glut of anxious Japanese punters.

Last night we went across for dinner. After a fond greeting we were seated. Our order is standard. One Cod, one Haddock, one chips, one Mushy Peas, a pickle and a pickled onion. Absolutely beautiful fish. Covered with a thin crisp batter, the fish steams and is wonderfully cooked. Lashings of Vinegar and a sprinkle of salt and you have a meal fit for a King. This we washed down with a cold bottle of white wine. Superb.

Inside Golden Hind


Mushy Peas

Being the sunny day I have written about in the opening paragraph, we walked from St. Pauls Cathedral along the Millennium Bridge past Tate Modern to Borough Market. St Pauls looked glorious as is evident in the photos. Borough was a pale shadow of itself. Quite empty and with some very ordinary stalls by the Green/Lefties/Health food nut jobs. Sad. Hope that this situation changes for the better.

Old London and New London roofs

Church outside Borough Market 

Our lunches have been a delight. Our usual Chinese soup and soup noodles. So lovely and in so many variations.

Hand pulled noodles with Beijing style Preserved Pork

Noodle Soup with Siu Youk [Crispy Pork]

Noodle Soup with Dumplings

Dan Dan Noodles with minced Pork


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