Saturday, February 18, 2012


Pastries cost a lot in London. However the range and quality is far above anything we are used to in India. More than the range and quality, it’s the sheer skill, accuracy and visual beauty of the pastry that delights you. Laduree is a very famous Parisian patisserie which has a couple of outlets in London. Their Macaroons are really top class. Macaroons are quite delicious and look really attractive. You can make them in a myriad of flavours. What you need is a some flavoured cream/jam to sandwich the two layers and appropriate food colour. Macrons are all the rage in Mumbai. Strange, I cannot understand why. Macaroons are made with egg white. How can the Jains, Shahs and Khandelwals eat that?

Over a few days, to have as desert, we bought a selection of pastries from Laduree. They are celebrating their 150th anniversary. So they have created a special pastry called the Mont Blanc and sell it in a specially made box. 

Have a look at the photographs of the pastries. Is your mouth not watering?

A Chocolate in a Brandy Snap base

Caramel Mille Feuille

The Mont Blanc and its box
The Mont Blanc sliced

Coffee Pastry

Carre Chocolate

Caramel Tarte

Chocolate & Praline

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