Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hello Hong Kong

Landed in Hong Kong by ferry from Macau. Smooth, uninteresting, cheap, efficient. Taxi to hotel and check in. Wandered a bit and then it was time for a drink.
We were to meet our Bombay friends for dinner. The last time we were in HK, as is our wont, we were walking along Lockhardt Road when we saw these restaurants specialising in Typhoon Shelter Style HK Crab. We had eaten at this one and it blew our mind. The crab is cooked in a huge mass of garlic, chilly and spring onion. It is absolutely delicious and supposedly a HK creation. My God, the amount of Garlic used per portion is monumental. It would literally be a bathing mug full. So at our request we met at the restaurant.
It was a good evening.

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