Monday, July 25, 2011

Peshawari - Kebabs and Sharab

Everybody also loves a good Kebab. By this I mean a real Kebab, one made of animal protein not milk protein [Paneer] or Cauliflower, Broccoli, Potato, Capsicum and what have you. A place to find good Kebabs is the Bukhara in the ITC Maurya Delhi, the ITC Hotels singular, signature Kebab restaurant and at its clones, all conveniently called Peshawari, in other Indian cities. Please stay away from the `Kebabs And Kurries’ [their spelling] outlets that also exist in some ITC Hotels. These outlets are a very poor imitation of the real thing and are unfortunately just a notch above food courts.

You can be rest assured that the Kebabs at Peshawari are made with superior cuts of meat, well marinated and superbly cooked by experts. Of course you pay an arm and leg for them. Of course there are many hawkers selling Kebabs that are quite good. But, I am talking about real Kebabs served in pleasant surroundings with a glass of cold beer or a decent wine. This is not a time and place for street food.

So last night, armed with my trusty camera, we set out for a good Kebab meal at the Peshawari in the ITC Maratha Sahar Mumbai.

After a couple of beers at the bar we settled down at the table, put on our bibs and ordered our dinner. The smoky Mutton Burrah, a creamy Murgh Malai Kebab and a Kadak Seekh. The Mutton Burrah is really their best Kebab. The meat is simultaneously charred in parts, cooked in others and still pink on the inside. Lashings of Ghee, or butter, or both, are applied which when placed in the Tandoor burns, further adding to the smoky taste. The Murgh Malai Kebab is totally different. It's boneless pieces of chicken marinated very simply in cream and ginger garlic paste.  The Kadak Seekh is unique. This is minced chicken moulded onto a skewer and grilled. Then a batter is applied which crisps up. A powder containing dried mint, Chaat Masala, Black Salt and probably Kasoori Methi is lavishly sprinkled on top of all the Kebabs. We had the Kebabs with the obligatory Rotis and the superb Daal Peshawari. 

You could also have their version of the Tandoori Chicken. They do not anoint the bird with the lurid red food colouring that you see in almost every restaurant. The Tandoori Chicken is really quite good here.

This is rustic food. Eaten in a faux rustic ambience. Well its one of India's most expensive restaurants and the decor is rather, well, rustic. Being rustic allows them to serve you the food in messy plates. Have a look.

To wash all this down, a cold crisp Pouilly Fume is our recommendation.

A good meal.

The usual Roti Ki Tokri

A Pudhina Paratha. It seems to have changed from the last time we ate here. Have a look at the photo above

Murgh Malai Kebab

The wonderful Mutton Burrah Kebab

Tandoori Chicken
Chicken Reshmi Kebab

The incredibly good Mutton Seekh Kebabs

Daal Bukhara

Kadak Seekh



  1. Really miss the Burrah Kebabs. The Burrahs Kebabs at Peshawari in Chennai is not half as good like the Mumbai Peshawari.

  2. Hi What kind of green spice is on kebabs?

    1. Dried fenugreek, dried mint, garam masala and salt

  3. Stumbled across this brilliant blog while scrolling through the maze that internet ,to plan a surprise dinner for the husband in honor of the highly hyped 1st wedding anniversary!
    We haven't been to many luxury restaurants.
    Narrowed down to Peshawari and Shamiana.
    Could you help me pick one!

  4. Undoubtedly Peshawri. The food is exceptional, by any standard. Make a reservation

  5. Greatly appreciate the reply! Thank you.

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  7. woaahh! would love to have it. So tempting images.