Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Wake up and price the coffee

We leave for the UK and Ireland in a couple of days. We have coffee every morning to give us a reality check, you know, wake up and smell the coffee and so on and so forth. It also helps to kick start us and help us face the daily trauma that Bombay holds for its inhabitants.

The Espresso pods we use come in packs of 36 and the pack just got over. So, I thought, instead of opening a fresh pack and using only 4 till we return rendering the remaining pods stale, I would buy some instant coffee.

I went down to the local grocer and asked for some sachets. I bought 4 sachets of Nescafe for Rs 10 each and was putting them away when I looked at the quantity. I was stunned. A single sachet which cost Rs 10 contained a mere 7 grams of coffee! A gram of coffee costs more than a rupee!! I quickly pulled out my calculator and discovered that a kilo of coffee costs a staggering Rs 1,400/- plus. I agree that this is sachet pricing and that a 500 gram pack may be cheaper.

In other words, coffee drinkers are drinking something that is far more expensive than a bottle of most Indian whiskey. Staggering is it not?

And notwithstanding the price, the coffee itself was unpleasant and sour. Quite foul actually!

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