Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Stuttgart London

The last night dinner in Stuttgart was good fun. We went to a Swabian restaurant which was rather charming. The Onion soup I had was very good, a speciality at the restaurant. A huge onion was hollowed out, made into a light coloured soup and filled back in, covered with cheese and gratinated. Never seen this before. Have seen the famous Paul Bocuse pumpkin soup served in a pumpkin but not onion soup. My pork dish was lovely. Arti’s was a bit disappointing [for her royal palate].

Next day we had a latish start and left for the airport. A short flight to glorious London and back to speaking English and understanding everything. Our flight landed early, cleared immigration in literally 30 seconds, got bags and we were off in the taxi. Unfortunately when we got to our apartment we did not get our favourite apartment. Reason was that a lady who has cancer uses this apartment when she comes in for her chemo treatment. Anyway we were put in the opposite apartment and we are settled in.

We wanted to stay in and have a dinner with cheese and wine. So we went off to La Formagerie to get some cheese. We got a lovely hard Austrian Alpe  Bergkaese, some washed rind Irish Ardrahan,  a creamy Petir Chaource [delightful camembert type skin, melting inside and a hard core] and a hard goat cheese called Tommede Cleon. Then off to Nicolas, the wine shop for a bottle of Prosecco and Selfridges for olives and heavy smoked smoked salmon. All this to be had with a good heavy spelt bread.  Delicious meal.

Today we went to the bookshops and looked for books. Walked thru Chinatown in Soho and bought some Chinese ingredients. Then to Lillywhites for swimsuits . Then swung thru Boots and back home.

Tonight we start the first of our big meals.

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