Tuesday, July 19, 2011

More Munich

Just back from dinner. It’s too early to sleep, so I thought why not give you guys a bonus of 2 free rants by me. All my own work.

To continue from the last missive, `Liver Cheese’ is neither liver nor cheese. It’s simply a emulsified meatloaf. The texture and consistency is much like a Frankfurter or Mortadella, smooth and creamy unlike a burger which is coarse ground.  This is sliced and either grilled or fried and eaten between two slices of bread. Totally delicious. Like a sausage without skin.

Another bit to add to the last email, is about the fish we ate. There is a chain, somewhat like a upmarket McDonalds called Nord See. This is a fish selling chain with fish from the North Sea, naturally. This chain is all over Northern Europe and they sell fish in various forms. Wraps, burgers, plates, salads etc etc. It’s prepared fresh on premises and is very good. No fish smell anywhere. No overcooked fish like Apoorva and Trishna. Just fresh moist fish well presented. Check the website. I love their logo.

For dinner tonight we went to a Munich restaurant that specialises in grilled sausages. It’s called nurmberger bratwurst glockl. Check the website and the menus.

You will now appreciate what I meant by my previous email Europe is a dangerous place. Try making sense of that menu!! We had a wonderful meal. A few larger beers and finished with a wheat beer. Smokey spicy and delicious, full of Vitamin B yeast. For starters we had cheese. What they do here is mash up camembert, add some cream and paprika and serve it in ice cream scoop shape. It’s all the rage here. This is the contempt the Germans have for camembert. For mains we had a mixed grilled sausage plate and a plate of meatballs [which is basically a sausage anyway]. Delicious. Desert was a gujju delight. Deep fried apple with a vanilla ice cream. Stupid and not worth it.

Tom we go to the German History Museum and the we go shopping. It’s supposed to rain. Let’s see how things are.

Arti has hung our shoes out for polishing. The Hotel promises free shoe polish. She has also hung out the Do Not Disturb sign. That, if you ask me, is a carte blanche for the shoe polisher to vamoose with our shoes. Will update you tom.

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