Thursday, July 21, 2011

H G Walter - Family butchers

We were introduced to these wonderful butchers a few years ago and have been loyal customers ever since. The shop is just next to the Barons Court Tube Station. The guys behind the counter are extremely friendly and we have over the years developed a good rapport with a few of them. Our standing request is: we want all our meat vacuum packed in multiple packaging. For example, 3 packs of Pork Chilli Sausage with 5 sausages in each pack. They know we carry the meat to India and wish us a pleasant flight.

Their sausages are really top class. The most flavourful and moist of the lot are the pork sausages and out of these our absolute favourite are the Chilly Pork. This is a slightly coarse grind and spiced with paprika and cumin. The Pork Chops, Lamb Chops and dry aged 28 day Aberdeen Angus Rib Eye are all top class. The animals are all free range. In fact, they say that their pigs have a superior lifestyle. Yup, see the package.

Have a look at their website.

We had bought the dry aged 28 day Aberdeen Angus Rib Eye and decided to have Steak Au Poivre for dinner a couple of days ago. To make it slightly more interesting we coated the steaks with coarsely crushed black, white and Sichuan pepper. The sauce was a simple brandy, cream and stock combination. I could have cooked the steaks without the pepper and made a pepper sauce with green peppercorns but I prefer the encrusted version.

We made some lovely Pommes Darphin to go with the steak. This is a great little dish. You cut the potato on a mandolin add some salt and squeeze out the water. Then you put the potato in a hot, very hot pan with a quarter inch of oil and cook the potato pressing down to get it to clump together. Unfortunately the potato we had was the wrong kind. It did not crisp up too well. We had a crisp outside and a gummy inside. But a very good meal.

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