Thursday, July 31, 2014

Shravan again - we lose a Test match again

History repeats itself.

Problem is no one listens to me, much less read the pearls of wisdom I write.

In August 2011, I had written about the problem plaguing our cricket team that was then on tour in England. The Indian cricket team was being roundly beaten by the English. I had known at that time that the real problem was it was the Hindu Holy Month of Shravan in August 2011. Our deeply religious cricketers `observe fast’ – to use an Indianism – during Shravan. If you are an international sportsman and you fast during an international test match you cannot be expected to perform at your best. Thus, the fasting Indian cricket team was demolished.

Fast forward to July 2014. India are in England for a series of 5 test Matches. The Second Test match was played at Lords on 17th to 21st July 2014. India won the match and took a 1-0 lead in the 5 match series. I was not surprised. I knew the reason. It was NOT Shravan. In fact it was Ramazan. This means two things, first, that India was at full strength, secondly, Moeen Ali was fasting, he was operating at half speed. Let me assure you that I knew that the victory was pyrrhic.

By the time the Third Test came along on Sunday 27th July 2014 tables have turned. Shravan started on Sunday 27th. Saturday 26th was `Gattaari’. The match started and the Indian bowlers were being bashed. Isshant Sharma a hero at Lords was injured. The bowlers failed. The batsmen failed and India have lost the Test match.

If that was not enough, Tuesday 29th July was Idd. On cue, on Wednesday and Thursday Moeen Ali bowled like a champion. He has taken 6 wickets. Moeen Ali is a spin bowler. Indians are supposed to be experts at playing spin, however with Moeen Ali back to full strenght post Idd and the Indians struggling with fasting, knowing how to play spin was academic.

The next test is at Manchester on the 7th of August and the last test is at Oval on 15th August. Shravan will still be on. We are bound to loose.

Why oh why can we not play during Shravan. All matches should be during Lent when the Christian World is fasting. We do not tour Pakistan so playing them in Ramzan does not arise.

Could someone please tell this to the BCCI. 


  1. Very insightful and shrewd observations. I recommend that BCCI hires you immediately as an 'Itinerary Planning Consultant'.

  2. I agree totally. In anticipation I have bought a `Panchaang'.