Sunday, November 17, 2013

A sickening week

The provocation is not far to see. However the immediate provocation was what my school friend Shilpam wrote on his Facebook wall. I quote him.

“We refuse to treat our parents as god's. We refuse to treat our god's as god's, but we will make a cricketer or an actor our god. Something seriously wrong in our interpretation of god or in us.”

I could not agree more with what Shilpam has written.

If you live in Mumbai or in fact anywhere in India, the past week was positively sickening. Not only did you have absolutely nothing new about Sachin, but you had to read, listen and watch all kinds of absolute genuflection, drivel, platitudes, obsequiousness, fawning and verbal diarrhoea about the God who is Sachin. It was as if there was nothing else happening in the world. Honestly, it was all too much.

In light of how things turned out, I am beginning to think that Sachin is really a God. Let me tell you why I say that. The first two days of the week were taken up by that other sickening story, Save Campa Cola Compound. First, I must congratulate the leaders of that movement. They did a brilliant job and achieved their objective. The building will never be demolished. This whole saga gave a new meaning to several established positions. Two wrongs DO now make a right. Just because there are other buildings that are illegal and no action is being taken, this illegality cannot be punished. Also please remember there was a final order of the Supreme Court ordering demolition. Every person speaking on the matter was in contempt of Court in criticising the order. However nothing was done. In fact, on the contrary the Supreme Court was `moved’ by the criticism and media frenzy and stayed the demolition. You know why Sachin is really a God? This story ended on Tuesday. After that we could focus all media on Him.

Oh yes, we made a really delicious Beetroot and Red Lentil Soup. Credit for this delicious recipe goes to Cyrus Todiwalla and Tony Singh. Let me know if you want the recipe. It is vegetarian, Jain, Vegan, Fat Free, Cholestrol free and bloody delicious. I am serious. Sachin was not harmed in making it! 

Now that He has played his last match and we have said our last goodbyes, can we please just move on to normal life?


  1. Well said. Yes, it is time to move on to some serious issues in life. Out of approx 190 countries in the world, India holds 134th position in the ease of doing business, 177th in ease of starting business, 183rd in obtaining construction permits (surely there would be 100s of unreported Campa Cola) and 186th in enforcing contracts (so we know, who the £;(& cares about Supreme Court's verdict). Maybe God will save us.

  2. I love the colour of the soup. I want the recipe please.