Saturday, March 9, 2013

Two wheelers beware!!

I am sure all you readers in India, Thailand and many other countries, who have cars, have a severe blood pressure problem. Let Dr. Stonethrower tell you why. It is because as you patiently wait in your car at a traffic signal you see every motorcycle, scooter and cyclist without a thought, care or consideration in the world brazenly waltz thru the traffic light. He will weave has way to the front of the line, break the light with impunity and be gone. He will undoubtedly endanger the lives of innocent pedestrians crossing the road, endanger his own life and that of his pillion. But who cares. I get very upset with this.

When this happens in the presence of or under the noses of cops, the cops look on with

A.    Helplessness
B.    Complicity knowing they do it too
C.    Envy
D.    Anger and helplessness
E.    All of the above

While I wait at the signal, silently, plotting and scheming how to rid ourselves of this problem, I get more and more angry.

During the last few days in London, I noticed that my blood pressure was normal. No I was not driving, I admit, but no two wheelers broke the signal. And then I realised why. They have a severe punishment for guys who do that. This is what I saw. A big giant hand coming down from the sky and flinging away the scooter. What fun!!

I am smiling again.

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