Monday, June 4, 2012


First, an apology. Sorry! 

I have neglected the blog for the past two weeks. I am sure you must have been hugely entertained by the goings on in our Bharat.

Immediately on my return things went pear shaped in India for our Nanny, the Government, both local and national. First off our local Nanny raided a `Rave’ that never was. How utterly scandalous. Our newspapers were beside themselves with excitement. You all know what happened ultimately, people were charged with drinking without a permit! Then it was the shame at the IPL. Shah Rukh Khan had the temerity to get drunk and abuse a poor watchman at the Wankhede Stadium. Immediately wall to wall TV coverage, insanity and shouting. 

Then our Nanny decided to raise petrol prices, a move devoid of rational thinking. Equally irrationally, the opposition, both within and outside the Government wanted a roll back. More wall to wall TV coverage, more insanity and shouting. Within a week a roll back is announced a grand Rs 2 per litre. I save Rs 100 every time I top my tank, enough for one beer at home. 

While the Nanny is in the throes of this excitement, Anna Hazardous and gang step up with over the top allegations saying that Manmohan Singh is, gasp, corrupt!!!! Now that is really the limit, you will be jailed for even typing Manmohan Singh, without the words `whose honesty and integrity is beyond question’ following. Frankly, I believe he is honest, but that is about it, totally and absolutely ineffectual, but honest. Still more wall to wall TV coverage, still more insanity and shouting.

All this of course is totally meaningless. The real issues, of which there are many, are to be glossed over. There is however one bit of silver lining. I am happy to see Abhsheik `BJ’ Singhvi back on TV. Apparently, it’s now been decided that getting a `BJ’ is a private matter so he is off the hook. Looking for inspiration in the middle of all this `tamasha’ was difficult.

Anyway, I am now refreshed and normal service should be resumed.

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