Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Joke Pal - The joke is on us

Hey, who really won?

Everybody must be sick and tired of the wall to wall coverage of the charade by Kisan Baburao Hazare and his rag tag group of pseudo lefties, do-gooders and idealists. This coverage was accompanied by the shrill, hysterical voices of the leading voices of the English Television `middia’ Barkha `Hysterical Trilling Schoolgirl’ Dutt and the ultra combative Arnab Goswami.

The charade has concluded with a victory for the people, a triumph for Team Anna and other such epithets. I believe that this is (i) a total sell out by Team Anna (ii) hoodwinking of the people of India by the `middia’ and Team Anna (iii) a total loss for Team Anna (iv) Team Anna is worse off than where it started from and (v) the Government is a real smooth operator.

Let me explain why I have reached these conclusions.

Following the introduction into Parliament of an admittedly weak, dilute, watered down version of the Lokpal Bill, Kisan Baburao Hazare started his second fast, which he would not withdraw unless the following demands were met:

Overall demand

The Government had to give a written commitment to table, discuss and pass in this monsoon session of Parliament i.e. by 30th August 2011, the Jan Lokpal Bill or a Bill that incorporates the principles of the Jan Lokpal Bill. If required, the Parliament session should be extended.

Non negotiable demands

The principles from the Jan Lokpal Bill that were non-negotiable – i.e. had to be included in the Lokpal Bill were

a)     inclusion of the Prime Minister's office
b)    The higher judiciary should be under the Lokpal
c)     Inclusion of lower-level bureaucracy

Other demands

The other matters that Team Anna wanted included, but were apparently negotiable were:

a)     The inclusion of the anti-corruption wing of the CBI under the Lokpal.
b)    The Lokpal to have its own investigating wing with full powers to probe and arrest anyone.
c)     The Lokpal to have the power to investigate not just corruption but also whatever is perceived as incompetence.
d)    The Lokpal to have the powers of punishment that is different in scale and scope from the laws set out in the Indian Penal Code.
e)     The complete authority of the Lokpal in appointing people of his choice.
f)     The legal absolution of the Lokpal and its employees in case things are done "in good faith".

Minor demand

There was one more demand, however I am unsure of its seriousness. This demand made by Shanti Bhushan was that any amendments to the Jan Lokpal Bill should be approved by Kisan Baburao Hazare.

Several discussions took place between various members of Team Anna and the Government with entreaties to Kisan Baburao Hazare to withdraw his fast. In interviews to the Television channels, especially on Karan Thapar’s program, Arvind Kejriwal reiterated the non negotiable points and said there was no question of withdrawing the fast unless they were included in the Lokpal Bill.

After a few days, it turns out that Kisan Baburao Hazare says that unless 3 points are included in a resolution to be passed by the Parliament he would not withdraw his fast. This was an acceptable compromise for both sides. Thus, Saturday 27th August 2011 was the day fixed for Parliament to debate the resolution.

Following the charade played out in our drawing rooms, we had a day of some truly glorious speeches by members of Parliament. Many of these were a delight to listen to. Honestly. Following the speeches, both houses of Parliament passed the following resolution.

“This House agrees in principle on the following issues for a strong and effective Lokpal.

1- All government departments to have citizen's charter with timeline.

2 - Employees of centre and state governments to be brought under purview of Lokpal and Lokayuktas respectively. Lower bureaucracy to be under lok pal through an appropriate mechanism.

3 - Establishment of lokayukts in the states. An effective Lokpal at the Centre and Lokayuktas in states be set up.”

And further resolves to forward the proceedings of the house to the related Standing Committee for its perusal while finalizing its report.

As far as the Resolution is concerned, when is all that is referred to in the resolution to be done? Unknown.
Which version of the Lokpal Bill will the Standing Committee look at? Unknown.
What is the fate of the Jan Lokpal Bill? Gone into oblivion.

So where does that leave the demands.

Over all demands dropped and gone. Non-negotiable demands dropped and gone. Other demands dropped and gone. Minor demand dropped and gone.

Does this strike you as a victory for Team Anna?  Not to me. To me it stinks. Do you have any respect left for Prashant Bhushan, Arvind Kejriwal et al? But ask Barkha, Arnab, the newspaper editors and they will thump their chests and say it’s a triumph.


  1. I have read a few of your blogs courtesy some shared on some social networking site.

    Seem you are a avid traveler, a food connoisseur a good cook if not mistaken, you live in mumbai in one of the poshest areas, and ya last but not the least you hate this country.

    i just have few question why don't you migrate and live in any other country, what makes you live here? not needed right.

    Might be some reason otherwise that you live in India, what are your contributions, if any, none reflects in your writings.

    Demeaning everybody is not the solution and influencing a lot that you can isn't either. Sorry, but your views are too radical, and people without a spine might choose to follow you. It just reflects you being the upper class and others lesser mortals....might not be the case.

  2. @ Mr/Ms.Anonymous,

    In India, ppl feel it is better to be a hypocrite than, pointing the right things and creating awareness towards such hypocricies. leaving the country is not a solution. Everything in this country is becoming so goddamn difficult, no one is a lesser mortal, the country is going into such state of affairs because of pple who think like you and fear to face the truth and accept the shortcomings and accept thet fact that we rather need to change than criticizing others.

    What can you do, in your command to make a change? have you thought about it ? Besides humming slogans on Face book and BBMs or news papers or hollow talk shows or living room , bar discussions/chats, and think how great or staunch a 'deshbhakt' you are.... oh come of it dude!!!

    The problem is, most of the people are so used to this nonsense that it does not even matter. So please broaden your outlook and use your gray cells to think, what is wrong, and you will realize there is sense in most of these write ups.......but alas, if only ppl in this country for one second leave their precious phoniness towards everything and feel for things that are not theirs, and they may have nothing to gain or los but can do good for others, this country will start elevating.

    "Chalta hai na... to kya hua agar Anna Hazare ne fast rakha.. desh ki bhalai ka hi to socha na!!!!!!" ............kya bhala, kiska bhala ye sirf Anna ko hi pata hai ye fir bhagwan ko,..... BUT ppl like you; 'Pseudo-Optimists" would harp on it, misleading the rest as well, making poor ppl die, who do not follow a shit about such things, who have nothing to gain in real sense out of this farse.


    If such blogs can open eyes and clear heads of one person out of 1000 like you...its an achievent!
    Kudos to the Blogger!

  3. @ The Pseudo national...

    We all agree that we live in a country which has various challenges and questioning them too is appropriate. But what is the blogger doing about it apart from telling us that we stay in a country which has problems. We all know that!! Why does he not initiate a mass anti anna campaign and suggest a way to these challenges that we as a country face and bring it to action. Why does'nt he lead???

    All his blogs say he has a problem with this country were as he can also open your eyes about what could be done.

    If he has people who can read his blog and harp about the difficulties about this country does it solve the purpose.

    I do not agree that there is'nt just one good thing happening apart from the 100 bad things, there are people who do and there are people who make differences...

    you mentioned about poor people dying...i would love to read that one good thing that the blogger or you did to build a good future for that one person dying person. That would inspire me!!

    People would get motivated to do good things if you have enough actions to inspire...not just talk about it.

    1 out of 1000 people talking about problems sitting amidst all comforts is not an ACHIEVEMENT. It just gives rise to people like you, who too earn your living in this country and do not a single thing for it.

    All the best...keep staring at the problem

  4. @ Anonymous Writer: First, I fee you have completely missed the point, that the Blogger intends to put across through his Article(s).
    Second: If you have ANY constructive criticism/feedback (if you know what that means), why don't you get straight to the point, instead of attacking the Blogger personally (for reasons best known to you).
    Third: would request you to read the contents of the Article(s), before getting swayed away and commenting so outrageously. I have read all the Articles of the Blogger and I don't think that even for once the blogger has demeaned ANYONE in particular, instead tries to portray the challenges/fights we go through in our daily lives in our country.

    Relax! Get a life.

  5. @nivedita....

    a. if you feel i completely missed the point of what the blogger portrays, i too feel what u missed what i was tryig to say. look at it more unbiasedly.

    b. What do you mean by attacking the blogger personally??? Seems like you are taking it personally and attacking me personally.

    c. My above comments are based on reading the various articles the blogger has written, and yes what he mentions is only about the challenges that this country faces, why does he not write about something that he has done in this country that he would inspire.( referring to only those articles in which he has spoken about the country probably you too live, in am assuming)

    Last but not the least....suggest you don't get worked up and take this personally and get a better life if you can :-)