Wednesday, December 13, 2017

How to bash India and win - Learn from Dr Mallya

Dr. Vijay Mallya, the King of Good Times is certainly enjoying himself. I have been reading reports on the hearings presently on in the UK Courts. The Indian Government would like Mallya extradited to India so that he may be tried in India for the crimes he has allegedly committed. Mallya, obviously does not want to be extradited.

Reading the reports leaves me amused and disgusted at the same time. From what I know, these proceedings are not to prove Dr Mallya’s guilt, but, to show, prima facie, that he has committed an offence in India and should therefore face trial. Obviously, in line with the highest standards of equity, Rule of Law and human rights, the UK will be concerned that if they do order extradition, Dr. Mallya should not suffer on account of lower or less than ideal standards.

It follows, that while the hearings are on, the Crown Prosecution Services, briefed by our Government are arguing that of course India has the highest standards of equity, Rule of Law and human rights. On the other hand, Dr. Mallya’s team is busy stating the exact opposite.

This is where the fun starts.

I am rather surprised that our wise and overly Nationalistic and patriotic government had not realized what would happen in this case.

When presenting its side Dr. Mallya’s team has a free hand to take potshots at India. Over the last few days they have freely and fearlessly presented “experts” to expound on the position as it exists in India. On one day an expert came on board and said that the Judges of our Courts, when nearing retirement, are looking for post-retirement benefits. “Angling” was the word used. They would like to be given some posts, chairmanships and so on. So, according to the expert, our Judges are reluctant to displease the Government, hence would rule in the Governments favour. This would mean that Dr. Mallya would not get a fair trial.

Then, next day other experts came on to say that the CBI is a joke. This was based on at least two grounds. One was several instances of botched up investigations, then the allegations of corruption and lastly, the famous “caged parrot” phrase was bandied about.

On another day Dr. Mallya’s team waded into the Indian banking system. The team said that Indian banks had no idea of how an airline business ran. Since they did not know, they gave the loans. The money was lost plain and simple. There was no fraud.

So as of now, pot shots have been taken against our Jails, our legal system, our banking system and our investigative agencies. Great fun. I wonder how much more there is to go.

Watch this space.

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