Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Fresh vegetables

As you know, HRH the Queen of Kutch has been lovingly growing a whole host of vegetables in the balconies. Well I am happy to report that the tomato is growing and so are the chillies. At the moment the Tomato is green and the chilli is bland. As time goes on I presume the tomato will turn red and the chilli will get a bit of heat.

We had a packet of duck breast in the deep freeze. I thought it would be a good idea to pan fry the breast, render down the fat and crisp up the skin. I thought that a Thai style sauce would be a good idea as we had some Thai Holy Basil which was ready to eat. HRH cooked up some Jasmine Rice to go with this.

Finally we had some stir fried   Chinese greens [Kailan] grown at home, Jasmine Rice and the Duck breast. I made a sauce to go with the Duck. This I did by frying some garlic lightly crushed adding some Oyster Sauce a dash of Soy a bit of green chilli and then thickened it with some corn flour. Off the heat I threw in a lot of Thai Holy Basil and dished it up.

Delicious. Did all this taste better since the vegetables and Holy Basil was grown at home, and was `organic’ and very very fresh. Nonsense. It was not special, I am not a romantic. It was just delicious.

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