Friday, September 2, 2011

The West knows nothing

People in the West are incredibly dumb!. Don’t all of us Indians love saying that? After all we invented the `Zero’, we have some 3000 [or is it 5000? – doesn’t really matter] years of culture from the Indus Valley Civilisation. We have CEOs [some women CEOs to boot] who head their mega multinationals and financial institutions. We are really quite smart and have the smugness to match.

If you were allergic to nuts [the real nuts, not nut cases] or if your child was allergic to nuts what would you assume if you were given a packet of nuts to eat. You or your child would simply read the label and push the packet away. Would you require further instructions to tell you that the packet of nuts does, in fact, contain nuts? No. You see, we are Indians, and, we are smart. Here in the West you are not smart and need everything spelt out. Please see the instructions on the packet of Cashew Nuts that are served on the flight.

Now, we Indians [especially the religious ones which basically means virtually everyone] know instinctively what is veg and what is non veg. Veg and non veg themselves being words of Indian origin, the Western word would be non vegetarian. In fact, on many occasions my crafty vegetarian friends have looked at a dish suspiciously and declared `It looks non veg’, such is their power. Last night we had fish and chips for dinner. The West, by the way, regards both fish and chips as vegetarian!!! I opened a bottle of wine I had and read the label. The label says the wine is suitable for vegetarians. I mean what do these guys really know?  Fish is definitely non veg, potato is definitely off the menu in any Mahavir respecting Jains house [which is basically 75% of rich Indians] and wine, and it’s totally off the menu. These guys really know nothing. I feel so sorry for them.

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