Sunday, November 8, 2015

A few pictures

No updates for the last week or so. Let me assure you that tourism, especially hard tourism is hard work. Walking up and down the hills in Siena was hard and there was just so much to see.

As I write, we are in Rome. This is really hard work. It is hot during the day. I mean hot. It is sunny. Our hotel is brilliantly located. 30 minutes walk from everything. No sarcasm. Walking from one place to another is tiring in the heat and managing the hordes of tourists. This is off season and getting to winter. Still there are thousands of tourists. In the summer it must be impossible. The heat and the hordes.

Anyway, just to keep you entertained, here are photos of these statues we saw all over Siena. I have no idea what the logic, if any, is behind them.

Yes they are politically incorrect. But who cares. Have a look while I get down to some writing.

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