Saturday, July 4, 2015


Borough Market has been a favourite. We visit it whenever we are in London. This time was no different.

This post has lots of photos. Not much writing.

These are photos of just some of the stalls selling hot food. There are several more outlets selling hot food but these are either repeats of the food on offer [more and more burgers] or are restaurants – Black & Blue, Appelbee and many others. I did not take photos of stalls selling `cold’ food like bread, chocolate, cheese, Charcuterie and so on.

What a fantastic range of food available.

Our lunch was the Roast Hog Sandwich.

You can draw you own conclusions on several matters. Some that come to my mind, in no particular order are:

Go to Pakistan

Go to Saudi Arabia or is it dont go to Saudi Arabia

Cultural diversity

Open minds

Myriad culture

Is England a nation of immigrants?

Do we in India even have a chance?


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