Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Dry days and some funnies

This post has some clichés and quotes. You may have read them earlier, but, I thought, what the hell. This post does not have a central theme, but, is really, a collection of random thoughts. It jumps from thought to thought.

I did watch the interview of Rahul Gandhi by Arnab Goswami. I was shocked. Of course, Manish Tewari, Rita Bahuguna and the indefatigable Sanjay Jha who defend the indefensible believe that Rahul Gandhi is superman. For the rest of us, Rahul came across very poorly. He has finally been revealed for what he is. He is not the sharpest tool in the box by a mile, he is not cut out [pardon the pun] for politics, he is dumb, he is misinformed, etc etc is now apparent. Of course, Rahul cannot help any of these faults. But, did the Congress believe that Arnab would be cowing down to Rahul? Why expose Rahul to Arnab in the first interview? I honestly believe that the genuflecting, constantly reverential Dr Prannoy Roy should have done the interview. I can picture Roy asking in amazement, `Rahul how did you feel when your father was killed?’ `It must have been hard and times must have been terrible’, and so on and so forth. That would have been nice. We would all have been crying copious tears. Bad move by the powers in the Congress.

A joke, which is doing the rounds. `India needs to choose between a duffer, bluffer and muffler.’ So correct.

Another joke, have a look at the chart. Ignore the first few questions. Read bottom up. Hilarious.

Dean Martin the American singer and actor once said “I feel sorry for people who don't drink. When they wake up in the morning, that's as good as they're going to feel all day.” That is exactly how I felt when I was in Vadodara for a day.

I was to leave Vadodara by an 8 pm flight, but, as the main runway at Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport was shut and the flight was delayed by 2 ½  hours. The day was spent in meetings, passionate negotiations, time outs, tea drinking and biscuit eating. After being stuck in a closed room with your senses on full alert, a drink in the evening in the convivial environs of a bar would have brought a pleasant end to the day. But no, we were in Vadodara, so no alcohol. Yes, yes, I know the stuff about more alcohol being sold in Gujarat than elsewhere and that everything is available and all that. But, I am a law abiding man. It was a dry day for me. I cannot tell you how weird it felt to simply sit around a table with guys you were duelling with and having to face a glass with a liquid that looked like, I kid you not, Gelusil, (it was a Strawberry milk shake!), to accompany my dinner! This is India! I realised what Dean Martin meant.

Yet another joke. You may have heard of that uniquely Gujarati abbreviation DBRS. It is `Daal, Bhaat, Roti, Shaak’. How about KFC? Our friends from Gujarat use this to describe `Kadhi, Faafda & Chole Puri.’  Apocryphal? Maybe. Disgusting? Yes.

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  1. The only reason for selecting Arnab as the interviewer would be to create a sympathy wave for the poor little rich reluctant clueless prince, bravely battling with Arjun like focus (as RaGa himself said) to carry on the family legacy and the burden thrust upon him :). We might soon start seeing articles saying good things about his heart being in the right place and how he has a long term vision as revealed by his interview etc. We may be in for some hilarious reads in the near future.