Thursday, April 25, 2013

Lord Sachin - This is not cricket.

The 23rd of April every year is a very important date in all Indians calendars. As you may well know Cricket is our religion. This is a date on which, for once, India is Monotheist, that is all of India believes in one God. That God, for you pagans, nonbelievers, livers under rocks, is the day Sachin was born. He is our God! 23rd April 2013 was an even more auspicious day. It was His fortieth birthday.

My day began with a quick bath and I hurried to my Puja Room and garlanded His photo. Then, after that was done I told HRH the Queen of Kutch to cook some fish for lunch, Maharashtrian style, as that is His favourite food. HRH told me that while she cooked, I could have a look at the new wax statue of Him. It appeared in the morning newspapers. It was really beautiful; I felt an inner peace when looking at the wax statue. His expressions are beautifully captured and His glorious smile and twinkle in His eye shine thru. I then had a quick nap, I needed that after the fish and the rice and Varan. Since it was an auspicious day, HRH the Queen of Kutch had made some Sheera which she served me after having it blessed by Him.

After I woke I pottered around and then settled down to watch the match between KKR and MI. No beer for me. I had done Puja in the morning so no alcohol for me. On putting on the TV I saw something very disturbing, all the hosts and guests were wearing false moustaches. I was upset, I thought they were mocking Him, but, thankfully, it was some sort of plug job for some sort movie and tied in NGO. Anyway, once that was sorted out and some sort of poem recited, I was ready for some cricketing action. It is not every day that Lord Sachin has a birthday, much less His Fortieth.

The toss was done and KKR to bat, who really cared. All we wanted was for Him to bat and score a century on His fortieth birthday. Then it was time for the MI innings to start. Before long He was on the crease and was batting. It was when He was to face His first ball, that I realised that cricket is no more a gentleman’s game. Cricket has become a game with aggression and unnecessary anger and competition. The KKR team had the audacity to bowl over arm to Him? This was, as the cliché goes, not cricket. Lord Sachin should be bowled to underarm. I mean it was his Fortieth birthday. There was a World record to be created. The only man who scored 24 or 31 or pick any number in a T 20 match at Eden Gardens on his fortieth birthday. This would have been a record impossible to beat. But this was not to be, they were bowling over arm!! I was livid. But who could I turn to? And, soon enough, Sunil Naraine had Him bowled.

But despite that, please remember He scored two. That is a World record. No other person has scored two on his fortieth birthday in a T 20 match. That is how great He is.

This was too much for me to bear. So I switched off the TV and went to bed.

Times have changed, cricket has changed.

One of my most devoted readers Ravi Kuddyady has sent me this link. Do read this blog. There are now 3 of us who think along the same lines - me, Ravi and the blogger. The world is changing.


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