Sunday, October 30, 2011

Non Thai food in Thailand

Eating Thai food everyday for a whole week was not something I could handle. It’s simply too much masala, too much spice and the use of coconut milk makes it all very heavy. I presume eating a more balanced meal i.e. more vegetables, cutting down on the protein and eating more judiciously would have helped. But then you only have one life!

We did get some non Thai food into our stomachs as well. Some of the places we ate at are:

The Kabuki Japanese at the J W Marriott Resort and Spa, Phuket
Siam Deli at the J W Marriott Resort and Spa, Phuket
Restaurant Crystal Jade, Bangkok
High Tea at the Siam Kempinski, Bangkok

The Kabuki Restaurant was not something I particularly enjoyed, it must be said. I find Sushi, Sashimi et al rather uninspiring. It’s knife skills I agree, but the food has no heat applied to it. Is it really cooking? The prices are eye watering and at the end of the meal you end up hungry. Her Royal Highness Queen of Kutch of course, loves the Sushi and Sashimi. HRH thoroughly enjoyed her beautiful looking Sashimi platter while I did have a reasonable soup and Pork cutlet.

Crystal Jade is an outpost of an upmarket Cantonese style Singapore based chain. Their restaurants appear in several South Eastern cities and the food is consistently good. They of course have several branches in Singapore which are well worth visiting. If you ever are in KL or Bangkok, Hong Kong or Singapore do eat at one of their branches.

The High Tea was great fun. Instead of going to a restaurant and grabbing some lunch we had High Tea. Rather incongruous setting, a German Hotel in Thailand serving some very English sandwiches and European pastry. As I said it was fun.

Smartly folded napkin. Would win a contest

Cold Sake with the Japanese meal

8 pieces of Sashimi for HRH

Miso with Udon. Please note the clarity of the broth

Tonkatsu - Breaded fried pork cutlet

Bacon & Cheese Burger

Club Sandwich
Hot Muffins



The whole `Tea'

Another artfully folded napkin. Bit scary

Pork Loin with Carrot Cucumber and a spicy garlic sauce

Braised Beancurd with Minced Pork

Saute Beef with Satay Sauce

Stir Fried Egg Noodle with assorted meat and prawn

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